Metal Fabrication Custom Manufacture Alloy Steel Casting Pulley Wheel

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The Metal Fabrication Custom Manufacture Alloy Steel Casting Pulley Wheel is a high-quality, meticulously crafted product. It is manufactured from materials such as G35, G45, WCB, WCA, WCC, and ISO 340-550, all customized as per customer request. The manufacturing process involves investment casting with the option of lost wax casting. This product boasts a casting tolerance of CT4-8 for alloy steel casting pully wheel. It undergoes a thorough machining process that includes CNC Machining, Lathing, Milling, Turning, Boring, and Drilling. The product is treated with surface passivation and polish as per customer requests and is packaged in a multilayer wood box with a big plastic bag inside.

Product Features

Our Alloy Steel Casting Pulley Wheel is designed with the following features:

  • Custom Manufacture: We can tailor the product according to your needs.
  • Quality Material: We use only top-grade alloy steel for longevity and durability.
  • Superior Manufacturing Process: We utilize investment casting and lost wax casting for precision.
  • Excellent Machining Process: Our process involves CNC Machining/ Lathing/ Milling/ Turning/ Boring/ Drilling to ensure precision and quality.
  • Customizable Surface Treatment: We offer surface passivation and polish as per customer requests.

Product Applications

This pulley wheel has a variety of applications, serving as a vital part in:

  • Vehicle systems
  • Agriculture machines
  • Construction machines
  • Transportation equipment
  • Valve and Pump systems

Maintenance and Care

To ensure longevity and optimum performance, we recommend the following maintenance steps:

  • Regular Inspection: Check for any visible damages or wear and tear.
  • Regular Cleaning: Keep the pulley wheel free from dust and grime.
  • Lubrication: Regularly lubricate to reduce friction and prevent overheating.
  • Replacement: Replace the pulley wheel as per recommended schedule or if damage is evident.

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Q1: Can you customize the pulley wheel according to our specifications?
A: Yes, we offer customization services. We can tailor the product according to your needs.

Q2: What is the lead time for the alloy steel casting pully wheel?
A: The lead time is about 55 days.

Q3: What are the maintenance recommendations for the pulley wheel?
A: We recommend regular inspection, cleaning, lubrication, and replacement when necessary.